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                Healthy home flooring


                Mix and match the logs


                Mix and match the logs ? healthy home flooring

                混搭風格糅合東西方美學精華元素,將古今文化內涵完美地結合于一體,充分利用空間形式與材料,創造出個性化的家居環境。 混搭并不是簡單地把各種風格的元素放在一起做加法,而是把它們有主有次地組合在一起。 中西元素的混搭是主流,其次還有現代與傳統的混搭。在同一個空間里,不管是“傳統與現代”,還是“中西合璧”,都要以一種風格為主,靠局部的設計增添空間的層次。

                Mashup style blend of Eastern and Western elements of the best of aesthetics, the ancient and modern cultural connotation perfect combination, make full use of space forms and materials to create a personalized home environment. Mashups do not simply put elements of various styles together for addition, but combine them one time and another. The mix of Chinese and Western elements is the mainstream, followed by modern and traditional mix and match. In the same space, whether it is "traditional and modern" or "combination of Chinese and western cultures", we should mainly adopt one style and add space by means of partial design.

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